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The innovative planter impresses with its even, automatic watering through irrigation wicks. Another feature is the stable climbing system, which optimally supports the high-loaded chili plants in growth phase. The integrated water tank only needs to be filled up with water every few days. Therefore the high-yield cultivating of chilis is made fun and
easy. The characteristics:
• Approx. 10L soil volume in the planter
•Approx. 4.5L water tank
• Irrigation wicks connect the water tank and the planter
• Stable climbing support made of high-quality aluminum
• The plants are secured to the climbing support with the integrated trellises
• High stability of the planting system
• Easy refilling of the water tank through the opening on the side
• Watering is needed less often due to large water tank volume
• Available in light gray, dark green, blue
• Made in the EU

Color: Blue, Dark Green, Light gray

Material: Polypropylene

Dimensiones: 35 x 28 x 69 cm

Peso: 1,23kg

Precio (IVA incluido): 40 €

Formatos: Blue